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Introducing On The Shoulders of Leaders - A Leadership Pocket Guide
by Dr. Jim Fantauzzo

On The Shoulders of Leaders


On the Shoulders of Leaders is a book for leaders at every level of awareness and who aspire to lead.


The business need for pro-active leadership in all segments of business is critically important for today and tomorrow. The primary purpose of the hands-on easy reference Pocket Guide is designed to assist managers at all levels to fully utilize those skills necessary to run the business each and every day. Additionally, the lack of skills and experience may have a negative impact on the employees who are under the supervision of a particular manager. In putting together the Leadership Pocket Guide, it was my intention to have it become an easy-to-use, realistic reference that would assist each manager in his or her various administrative and operational responsibilities.

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Are you a retailer or institution interested in carrying On The Shoulders of Leaders by James Fantauzzo? Please contact Ingram's Spring Arbor Distributors for informaton.
Wish to purchase multiple copies? Books may be published in bulk at special discounts for sales promotion, corporate gifts, fund-raising, or educational purposes.

Exceptional New Xulon Pocket Guide Enlightens Leaders And Future Leaders, On How Best To Handle Workplace Scenarios –From Conflicts To Upholding Company's Mission Statement

Dr. James Fantauzzo, Ph.D. shares his many years of experience as a Management Consultant – pens must-have daily resource for those in leadership positions


MAITLAND, FL— Dr. James Fantauzzo, Ph.D.’s new book, On The Shoulders of Leaders - A Leadership Pocket Guide($13.99, paperback, 9781498485968; $6.99, e-book, 9781498485975)offers the readers many realistic and practical applications to implement effective and successful leadership. The approaches are related to business strategies and proven ideas that are the result of the author’s experience as a management consultant, speaker, researcher, trainer and corporate human resources professional in the real world of business. The information is rich with realistic ideas and approaches for clear judgment, selecting the right leadership behavior and capture the true essence of leadership. 

This book is a team centered leadership book and can be a resource for leaders at every level of awareness and who aspire to lead. The author explains that the need for pro-active leaders in all segments of business is critically important for today and tomorrow. The primary purpose of his hands-on easy reference Pocket Guide is designed to assist managers fully utilize the skills necessary to run the business on a daily basis. As per the author, no book is able to teach everything about the importance of Leadership. However, this book is an excellent place to start.

“In putting together On The Shoulders of Leaders, it was my goal and purpose to offer practical daily leadership wisdom, advice, and inspiration to meet the many challenges in our daily work lives,” states the author. “If you are a supervisor, manager, director, vice-president, president, trainer, consultant, coach, student or a military leader, then by design, this book was written for you. One of the most important factors was to provide a resource to those who needed it.”

Dr. James Fantauzzo, President of Creative Training Solutions, is one of America's most dynamic leadership and human resource experts. For the past 25 years he has provided services for the health care, manufacturing, and the hospitality industries. As a consultant, trainer, author and speaker, he has helped organizations to improve their skills and overall performance in areas like leadership, team building, customer service, guest relations and succession planning. He has received recognition as a speaker and presenter of seminars and workshops. In addition to serving various industries, he has taught at the under graduate level graduate and post-graduate levels. 

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order On The Shoulders of Leaders - A Leadership Pocket Guide through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through xulonpress.com/bookstore, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com. 


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What Our Clients Are Saying About Creative Training Solutions

"First I would like to compliment you on a fine presentation at the Customer Satisfaction Conference in Washington, D.C. last month.  Not only was your presentation content meaningful, but your treatment of adult learning theory was impeccable."
~ Thompsonhealth, Michael P. Grinnels, Director of Education & Training.

"I would like to offer my unqualified recommendation for Dr. Fantauzzo in any area of human resource practice.  I have found his information to be accurate and timely, and I can personally attest to the fact that the corporation has benefitted from the breadth of experience that Jim has to offer."
~ Optical Gaging Products, Inc., Edward T. Polidor, President/

"I have found Jim to be extremly compassionate, responsive, and always professional in his facilitation.  Jim's materials are concise and carefully prepared.  He holds his audiences's attention and the evaluations we receive are always favorable and extremely complimentary of Jim's style of delivery."
~ Saralie R. Foote, Manager, Training Industrial Management Council.

"Dear Dr. Fantauzzo, on behalf of the staff at Melles Griot Optical Systems, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent training you have provided.  The participants found the weekly training sessions to be well planned, informative and an asses to their professional careers."
~ Deborah Gsellmeier, Human Resources Manager.

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for the dedication that you have shown to the educational program here at Heritage Christian Home.  Your sincerity and wisdom is felt immediately by the participants.  You speak from the heart with passion and commitment and that is irreplceable."
~ Marisa E. Geitner, Organizational Development, Heritage Christian Home.

"It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation for Dr. James Fantauzzo, a highly skilled and talented human resources training professional.  He was of invaluable assistance with our training programs, an employee hand book, and providing guidance with our policies and procedures."
~ Karl-Heinz Zimmerman, General Manager, Turnberry Isle Resort. 

"'The Art of Exceeding Customer Expectations in Healthcare'  and 'Teambuilding in Healthcare'.  Our participants found the training to be informative and very useful."
~ Nanette M. Dumont, Executive Assistant, Triple-S, Inc. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Puerto Rico.

"Thank you!  Your presentation on "Improving Teamwork - Voyage to Excellence" at our chapter meeting of IAAP was wonderful.  We have heard nothing but positive feedback since our meeting."
~ Erika J. Kemblowski, CPS, Vice-President, Flower City Chapter

"I personally observed Dr. Fantauzzo in the ACE classroom and found him well prepared, and there was good interaction and rapport between instructor and students. It was obvious that Jim loved being in the classroom, helping students to aquire new knowledge that would be helpful to them on both professional and personal levels. We hope to schedule Dr. Fantauzzo for another class in the near future.

Dr. Fantauzzo also taught successfully for Barry University in the graduate program: HRDA (Human Resource Development and Administration). This program comes out of Barry's Graduate School of Education. I believe that Dr. James Fantauzzo is a competent professional and that he would be a strong addition to any institution or organization. "

~ Sister Grace Flowers, OP, Associate Director and Student Advisor, Barry University

"Dr Fantauzzo has been an active participant in the various faculty activities including business meetings and policy development. School and program planning and evaluation, and student advising and supervision. His work with students, staff, and other faculty is highly professional. He has worked with other faculty to develop plans for improving the various courses and programs including planning curriculum outcomes, course syllabi and new textbook evaluation and selection. In addition to his abilities as a faculty member, I have found him to be of the highest character. On several occasions, I have consulted with Dr. Fantauzzo about issues and concerns regarding the direction and focus of the college. He has always been willing and helpful in these consultations. "
~ William M. Rigel, PhD, Executive Vice President & Chief Academic Officer, Warner University



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